Han Jonghyun

2008. 9. 4. 22:00

Han Jonghyun

Han jong hyun     
Seoul, Korea


2011 Hongik Univ. Communication Design
2004 Namdaejon High School


2010 Creative Artwork Design 


2011  Samsung Elec. mobile UX designer
2010  Samsung Elec. summer internship 
2010  NC soft SNS chartacer Renewal Project                        Client_ NC soft
2010  T-gallery artist client_Handsome
2010  Hyundai U-plex Store Graphic-Seongnam                     Client_ Idispartners
2010  Roking Korea Identity & Cover Design                          Client_ Roking Korea
2010  Keyword Checker Identity Design                                 Client_ Echo marketing
2010  mate 'with mate' Art Director                                        Client_ Gemcultures
2010  QOOK Global Integration UI Project                             KDRI Researcher
2009  BOHEM CIGAR Special Edition Design                           Client_ KT&G
2009  Woongjin Practice Love Campaign Page Design           Client_ DigitalOcean
2009  KT Research Center 
SD Part SoIP UX Intern Designer
2009  Hyundai U-plex Store Graphic-Shinchon                        Client_ Idispartners
2009  Daily log of 
Music activities Bookcover Redesign          Client_ Proud
2009  NYLON 11th Close up Artist
2009  Design creativity camp for children Volunteers            Seoul Design Center
2009  ART-DA Graphic Artist
2009  mate 'be mate' Art Director                                           Client_ Gemcultures
2009  X4 Branding Membership 1st                                         Osan-si branding Project
2009  Magazine PROUD 01,02 Designer                                  Client_ Proud
2008  Design Jungle 1th Supporters
2008  Design cluster Freelancer Guidebook member
2008  Computer Art magazine Web Staff


2010  We Love Green Exhibition
2009  Interview of the Tabula Rasa
2008  The TeaM First Exhibition


2010 Designsquare Art a&d Designer

2010  Design Jungle Supporters                                              Grand Prize
2010  KRA Horse Design Competition                                     Special prize
2010  Korea Digital Design International Competition           Special prize
2009  Design Jungle The Hall of fame
2009  International Communication Design Competition       Special prize
2009  Dooing T-shirt Design Competition                                Third Prize
2008  4th Converse Video Competition                                    Participation Prize
2008  AhnLab Inc. Advertising Design Competition                 Participation Prize
2008  Computer Art Symbol&Logo Festival                               Excellence Prize
2008  Gatsby Moving Rubber  Photo Contest                            First Prize